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Anyone well known who came to Miami Beach, from anywhere in the world, would stop in at Joe's. A list of Jesse's acquaintances, several of whom became lifelong close friends, forms a veritable Who's Who of the twentieth century. Will Rogers. ("Will Rogers was Will Rogers," Jesse remembered. "As homespun as anybody could be-I liked him a lot.") Amelia Earhart. ("She was down to earth. You knew where you stood with her. If you'll pardon the expression, there was no bullshit to her.") The Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Gloria Swanson, America's closest thing to royalty. (Jesse: "I thought she was this little doll. She used to come in here with Joseph Kennedy, who was the great love, but I didn't know it then! Hell, I was worried about my own sex life.") J. Edgar Hoover. ("I was closer to J. Edgar Hoover than I was to anyone else. I used to call him Gatling Gun Joe.") Walter Winchell. ("People would say, 'How can you be friendly with that son of a bitch?' And I'd say, 'Because he's my son of a bitch.' ") And Damon Runyon, who helped fan the flames of the Joe's Stone Crab legend.
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