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"All crabbers get bitten," says Dick McDaniel, who oversees stone crabs for Joe's. Florida stone crabs are found in southwestern Florida, down in the Keys and all along the Gulf of Mexico coast. When Joe Weiss first started serving stone crabs, they were plentiful in Miami, but the waters were dredged as Miami boomed in the 1920's and the stone crab moved south.

Stone crab fishing requires back-breaking labor. Crabbers head out in boats well before dawn. Their crab boats are loaded with a thousand pounds of fresh fish heads for bait, because stone crabs are very particular. They can fish anywhere from a mile offshore to ninety miles out, where the water is ninety feet deep. You go to where they are walking; you move your lines to where the activity is.

You try to time it so you get to the first stone crab trap, attached to a buoy, at first light. You pull the first crab trap, which is connected to the buoy by eighty or ninety feet of rope. You pull the buoy up to the boat and put it on a pulley that is connected to a motor. The stone crabs trap is a square 16x16-inch box made of wood slats; as soon as the stone crabs trap breaks the water, you pull it up and put it on the gunnel, or gunwale. The stone crabs get in by climbing up the side of the stone crab trap; The stone crabs walk into a hole and drops down in. They can't swim-they only walk-so they can't get out. Each crab trap can hold ten or twelve stone crabs.

Now, you can enjoy Joe's stone crab claws at home. You don't need an excuse to enjoy our stone crabs. We'll ship them overnight wherever you are in the continental United States and the crabs arrive fresh, ice cold and ready for cracking. Our complete stone crab package meals come with a mallet, a cracking board, cocktail forks, bibs, and instructions. Select the stone crabs you wish to order from the items below.

Stone Crab
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Stone Crab
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Key Lime Pie
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