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1913 - The Year It All Began


Joe and Jenny Weiss - 1913


There’s no doubt that 1913 was a landmark year.  After all, that was the year Joe’s began. But lest we forget, Joe’s was not the only earthshattering, life-changing, revolution of that year.


Here, then, is a brief look back at other, fantastic things that came into being at or near the time of Joe's inception:



Zipper Patent


In April of 1913, Gideon Sundback was granted a patent for his separable fasteners - known today as the modern zipper.






Mary Phelps Jacob


Around this same time, Mary Phelps Jacob (later known as Caresse Crosby) invented the backless brazier that all but replaced the more cumbersome (and painfully restricting) corset.



While there is no documented connection between Sundback and Jacobs, their inventions changed course of clothing (and courting) forever.  


Parachute concept

In fact, it's probably not completely implausible to assume that it was these very same inventions that reminded Stefon Banic of this 1595, Fausto Veranzio drawing; a drawing he credited as being the inspiration for his 1913 invention – the modern parachute.  


Why else would that guy be jumping out of the castle window anyway?



1913 Automobile

Is it possible he was trying to get to his escape vehicle – which was, coincidently (or not) fitted with Mary Anderson’s 1913 invention, the windshield wipers?



No one can know if there were any connections at all between these landmark inventions.  All we can say for sure is that 1913 was a heck of a year.





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