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Call the right play

This Sunday is more than just about football. It’s more than just about TV commercials. With millions of families and friends gathering to watch one of the most viewed sporting events, it should be no surprise that Super Bowl Sunday is now the second highest day for U.S. food consumption in America (closely following Thanksgiving Day).


Whether you’re a Patriots fan or a Falcons fan, something everyone is rooting for is appetizing food. This led us to wonder what football fans are eating most on this unofficial holiday. According to The Daily Meal, the most popular Super Bowl party foods are:

5. Guacamole

4. Nachos

3. Chicken wings

2. Chili

1. Pizza

Do you know what’s missing? You’ve probably already guessed it. Stone Crabs, of course!


A sure way to impress your guests (or hosts) is to bring Joe’s to the party. To help you get ready for the Big Game, here are some tips to ordering claws for your Super Bowl gathering.


1. What to order – There are several stone crab packages with a variety of combinations that will suit your Super Bowl party needs. Because most Super Bowl parties have a diverse spread of hors d’oeuvre’s, we suggest serving claws as an appetizer in addition to what’s already on the table. However, if stone crabs are the entre or if you’re part of a smaller gathering, we recommend one order (or dinner) per person.


2. Potluck Style Super Bowl Party – With guests filling up on sundry Sunday snacks, you won’t need to make stone crabs your main dish. For example, if you have 20 guests, you’ll want to place an order for 10 dinners – the size of the claw will determine how many claws each guest will eat **check Joe’s Fare under shipping for amount of claws per serving size**. The sizes include: medium, selects, large and jumbo. We recommend the Select Size Claw if stone crabs are one of the starters. For a party of 20 and an order of 10 select size claw dinners, you’ll have about 3 claws per person. You may even want to suggest the serving size to your guests or hosts because your friends and family will want to load up their plates with stone crabs. However, we can’t guarantee that announcing the serving size will stop some guests from sneaking an extra claw or two.

3. When to serve claws – In order to keep the claws as fresh as possible, we ship them un-cracked with a mallet. Crack the claws an hour (at most) before you plan to serve them. Keep them cold either in a refrigerator or over ice (not in the freezer). If you want everyone to taste these succulent claws, set them out once all of the guests have arrived. They’ll be one of the first dishes to run out. If you’re saving them for loved ones and your closest friends, put them out early and then hide the evidence. You wouldn’t want the other guests to be jealous!

4. Have a stash of claws – It won’t be long before you’ve got a tray of empty shells and remnants of mustard sauce. If you want more than one claw for your self, we recommend placing an extra order and storing it in your refrigerator at home. After everyone leaves, you’ll be able to reward your self for being such a wonderful host.

5. When to order – Order now for Friday or Saturday delivery. Claws that haven’t been cracked will last up 48 hours in your refrigerator. To avoid extra shipping costs, place your order to arrive on Friday and keep those claws cold! 


Now you’re ready for the Big Game!

If you have additional questions about how to order and what to do upon receiving your order, we’ve laid out a run down of frequently asked questions.


You can also give us a call: 1-800-780-CRAB (2722)



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