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Joe's Sweets

With the perfect combination of tartness and sweetness, any key lime pie lover, and even some non key lime pie lovers, are sure to have their taste buds jumping for joy after indulging in a slice of Joe’s Stone Crab famous Key Lime Pie. For our non-key lime pie lovers, or for those who just aren’t in the mood, we’ve added new sweet surprises. 


Dessert shares equal importance to the entrée at Joe’s.  Each one is carefully crafted with the best ingredients to satisfy all sweet cravings; whether you’re hankering for something chocolaty, creamy or fruity and refreshing, we’ve got just the thing for you: deep dish crème brulée with mango Chambord sauce, apple pie a la mode, bread pudding with maple bourbon caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream, and the hot fudge brownie with walnuts and a scoop of ice cream topped with a dollop of whipped cream. The waiter pours hot fudge on the brownie concoction and it is to die for! Is your mouth watering yet? 


Maybe you’ve already tasted some of these decedent desserts. Either way, we recommend you stroll down to Joe’s Take Away to be pleasantly surprised by newly added mini, and not so mini heavenly treats. Pastry Chef, Guillermo Mignone, is creating wonderful masterpieces for Joe’s customers to grab and go or to sit at the bar and enjoy over cup of coffee or a bottle of wine. (Tip: you can buy a bottle of wine for as little as $14.)


And so, our sweet journey begins! 


Blackberry- Raspberry Tart

Fresh berries covered in a delicate, sweet glaze are arranged over custard, encased in a short crust pastry. Crushed peanuts are strewed around the edges to add a little crunch and protein. It seems only right that one can have 20 of these tarts. Don’t stress too much, you’re actually getting some of your daily nutrition!


Dessert Shooters

For those who want a taste of everything or for those who want just a tiny bit of sweetness to complete your meal, you’ll love these new dessert shooters. The options include apple-pie, strawberry short cake and of course, Joe’s famous key lime pie. The apple-pie shooters are layered with our homemade graham cracker piecrust and filling, topped with fresh whipped cream. The strawberry short cake shooter holds layers of sweet cake, vanilla cream and fresh strawberry filling.


Chocolate Bomb


This special chocolate delight has a shortbread cookie base. Filled with chocolate mousse infused with honey and coated in a layer of chocolate ganache.  A chocolate curl is placed on top with love. Your chocolate cravings are sure to be satisfied after eating this bomb of a dessert!


Dulce de Leche Chocolate Tarts

Have you ever seen anything more enticing? Just wait until you taste it. This pastry has a new, delicious twist on a chocolate tart. Underneath a generous layer of ganache, you’ll find mounds of dulce de leche secured in a pastry crust and sprinkled with thinly sliced almonds. Are you running to Joe’s Take Away?


Don’t be surprised when you end up in Joe’s Take Away and discover there are even more desserts in the enclosed case. You’ll want to give them a try!


Bon appétit!

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