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Group accommodations are offered to large groups for 1 of our 2 private rooms or for our non-private option, on contract and preset menus.  But while it is not mandatory to book large groups through Private Dining, it makes the dining experience for large groups as enjoyable as for a party of 2, while enabling our staff to provide the excellent service that is a part of Joe’s.

In the restaurant, we offer 2 private rooms and a non private option.  

All events, both private and non private, are scheduled for 2 hours for lunch or dinner. If the scheduled time is exceeded, an additional charge of $500.00 plus gratuity will be added to the bill for each additional thirty (30) minutes or any part thereof.

For Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry groups, please contact Private Dining for information and availability.

Group Menus

Available Options

Jesse's Room
Jesse’s Room: Seats 48 Maximum

This is the ultimate in private dining; an intimate room filled with cherished memories & old-world charm. If you close your eyes & listen closely, you could almost hear the ghosts of a thousand great memories echoing throughout the room.

Food & beverage minimum $4,000 ~ excludes sales tax & gratuity
Room Fee $200 plus sales tax

Gigi's Room
Gigi’s Room: Seats 30 Maximum

Old-world charm, brilliant ambience & fantastic service you would expect from Joe’s.

Food & Beverage minimum $2,500 ~ excludes sales tax & gratuity
Room Fee $150 plus sales tax

Open Dining Room
Open Dining, Non-Private Seating: Minimum 20

This is the perfect solution for groups that require a private room and would like to experience the ambiance of Joe’s. Guests are seated at tables next to each other, ensuring close proximity and the always perfect Joe’s dining experience.

Guaranteed guest count, no food & beverage minimum

JoAnn's Room
JoAnn’s Room, Located in Joe's Take Away: Seats 16 Maximum  

Built for small, intimate gatherings JoAnn’s is the perfect blend of private and relaxed dining. Set apart from the main restaurant, in the back of Take Away, this room has semi-private entrance that allows for both discretion and ease.

Food & Beverage minimum $1,500 ~ excludes sales tax & gratuity
Room Fee $150 plus sales tax



Private dining inquiry


To inquire by phone call (305) 673-0365 and request Private Dining, or send us a message: