Claws for Celebration

Claws for Celebration

Medium Selects Large Jumbo.
Dinner for 2$138.95$171.95$206.95$296.95
Dinner for 4$214.95$279.95$353.95$533.95
Dinner for 6$301.95$398.95$505.95$787.95
Dinner for 8$379.95$508.95$651.95$1,013.85
Dinner for 10$461.95$623.95$801.95$1,251.95

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Just Claws... Go Wild! Life just got easier for the stone crab lover who wants nothing but stone crabs. Celebrate the moment with this ready-made feast of Joe's famous Stone Crab Claws. Joe's Stone Crab Claws, together with Joe's signature Mustard Sauce,a cracking board, a mallet, cocktail forks and bibs makes for a dining experience to remember. Joe's Claws are nothing but the best!

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