Joe's Ultimate

Joe's Ultimate

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It's a Celebration! Joe's stone crab experience is also the ultimate gift for your favorite gourmand. This is an instant stone crab party pak, featuring many of Joe's treasured gift items to create an authentic and memorable dining experience. Each person at your table will enjoy Joe's Stone Crab Claws with Joe's signature Mustard Sauce, delicious Manhattan Clam Chowder, Joe's world renowned Cole Slaw, Joe's incomparable Creamed Spinach and Joe's award winning whole Key Lime Pie. "Eat at Joe's," Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant Cookbook, a colorful Joe's logo apron, two coffee mugs, and a half pound of Joe's own custom blended coffee round out the celebration. 

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All Joe's Stone Crab products except the key lime pie, are packed in wet ice, the pie is shipped frozen in dry ice. All items except the pie must be refrigerated, the pie should be kept frozen.  Because all of our food products are perishable, they must be stored in your refrigerator and eaten no later than the day after you recive them. Joe's stone crabs must be kept refrigerated in a bowl & uncracked. Please crack the day you are serving the claws. 

Joe's Stone Crabs are available fresh during Stone Crab season only. The season begins on October 15 and ends on May 1. During the summer months, we offer a superior quality, previously frozen claw. . All meal packages.include instructions and bibs. 


Joe's Stone Crab Claws arrive cold, ready to crack and serve. All deliveries are sent by FedEx Overnight.  Currently, FedEx is unable to guarantee a commitment time, due to the pandemic.  They do promise to deliver on the set delivery date.  At times, weather, mechanical or other delays do occur, which can delay delivery. For next day service, place your order by 12 Noon the day prior to delivery, during regualr season, or by 10am from mid May to mid Oct. (order lead times may vary during holidays). All pricing includes shipping and handling. There is an additional charge for Saturday deliveries (if available in your area).